Peter Tosh Tribute

Peter Tosh 1977

Peter Tosh


KZEL Radio Studio, Eugene, OR interview and solo acoustic 

Talks About Herb

Pick Myself Up/ > on Talking Revolution

Talks about music


Talks about Oregon Legalization

Jah Guide (instrumental)/

Can't You See/

Talks about musical inspiration

Fire Fire/ > on Talking Revolution

Livicates Tune to all intellectual Herb Smokers

I Am That I Am (benediction only)/

Don't Want To Get Busted Into

Don't Want To Get Busted/ > on Talking Revolution

Don't Want To Get Busted Outro

Legalize It > on Talking Revolution

Peter does KZEL Radio Promo

Peter Tosh

(Acoustic)  1-7-77
WXFM Radio Studio
Chicago, IL
Prior to the release of Equal Rights Peter did a series of
radio station interviews in the US that included live solo
acoustic performances. He returned to the US later in the year
with his band to tour the album.

Peter Tosh is the Bush Doctor ,the Minister of Herbs..
"I dont want no peace, I want equal rights and justice"
"Give me a paper, Lend my some fire, we gonna chase away vampires"
"Ganja is a bird is Australia,Marijuana is a girl in Cuba,I smoke herb"

1.Stop That Train on Talking Revolution
2.Welcome to Peter/people need music
3.Get Up Stand Up on Talking Revolution
5.Fools Die on Talking Revolution
8.Jah Guide
10.Cant You See(instr)
12.I Am That I Am on Talking Revolution
13.talking/radio promo