Peter Tosh Tribute


Peter Tosh

9-11-2011 Tribute Special


Friends of Peter Tosh share their favorite Peter song.  Thanks to everyone for contributing.

Fikisha Cumbo >Well my favorite is Let Jah Be Praised but I also love Jah Guide and Rastafari Is. Love his spiritual songs.

Donald Kinsey > my favorite is....Ras..Is...its giving glory to the most High..

Danny Clarke of the Meditations...Favorite Song by Peter Tosh is "Legalize It"...Why? because Jah created many herbs. Herbs are used for the healing of the nation. Natural Herbs, no chemicals. Marijuana is one of those natural herbs.Grass as some people call it is for cows and horses. Herb is used for many ailments and healing, and that is what Peter is talking about when he sings "Legalize It". (thanks Dawn)

Winston Rodney (Burning Spear) > Glasshouses ....... If you live in a glass house don't throw stone. That is  the name , that Spear favorite. (thanks Sonia)

Robert Lynn >Really don't have a favorite,but if I had to answer,I guess ''Rastafari Is''.Merely that it was a bit different
than his others,and I remember that it had a 'vibe' on the live shows.

Pete Juliana > "COMING IN HOT"....before the Wanted tour..I had Peter's management send me the album so I could become familiar with the music...this helped me work up what
I would need as far as outboard gear to mix Peter live...I used a tape echo for delay and a spring reverb for reverb...."COMING IN HOT" was a show stopper everytime...


Squidy Cole > You Can't Fool The Youths

Peter Tosh

Live in  NYC, NY, USA
at Pier 84  07/06/83

Special Livication to Fikisha

Complete Show >HERE

Peter Tosh 

July 16, 1979     
Montreux Jazz Festival
Montreux, Switzerland 

Complete Soundboard Audio > HERE

Peter Tosh

Rare Soundcheck Recording
Roxy Theater, Los Angeles, CA, USA
20 August 1981

Setlist :

01 - Jam
02 - Rastafari is tune *
03 - Pick myself up *
04 - Pick myself up *

Peter Tosh
Vienna Austria
July 1980

01 Babylon queendom
02 Legalize it
03 Bush doctor
04 Interview-Pick my self up intro
05 Pick my self up

Peter Tosh 

July 16, 1979     
                                                       Montreux Jazz Festival                                                               
Montreux, Switzerland 

Complete SBD > HERE


Peter Tosh - Interview The Bayou Washington DC  March 3rd, 1979

Listen HERE

Peter Tosh - Interview New York City Dec. 12th, 1982

Listen > HERE


   Peter Tosh - Interview in Berlin Germany 1983  

Listen >HERE

 Various rare pictures of Peter I recently came across. See the main gallery to view many more Peter Tosh photos.


Interview taken from Music Times Calendar's article "The Man Peter Tosh"  

Various Rare Dub Instrumental Singles

01B-PSC Intel Diplo  Version You Can't Blame The Dub.mp3 01B-PSC Intel Diplo Version You Can't Blame The Dub.mp3
Size : 7413.264 Kb
Type : mp3
16A-DVDr-_here_comes_the_judge-gmg.mp3 16A-DVDr-_here_comes_the_judge-gmg.mp3
Size : 8074.488 Kb
Type : mp3
X2-DVDr - 08 - Vampire dub.mp3 X2-DVDr - 08 - Vampire dub.mp3
Size : 7972.447 Kb
Type : mp3
05B-RCII-4-7-What You Gonna Do (Version).mp3 05B-RCII-4-7-What You Gonna Do (Version).mp3
Size : 5647.958 Kb
Type : mp3
03B-PSC-The Mark Of The Beast Version.mp3 03B-PSC-The Mark Of The Beast Version.mp3
Size : 7330.611 Kb
Type : mp3
08B-AsT2-17-Oppressor Dub-corr.mp3 08B-AsT2-17-Oppressor Dub-corr.mp3
Size : 9207.142 Kb
Type : mp3
08B-WOS-09-Brand New Second Hand Version.mp3 08B-WOS-09-Brand New Second Hand Version.mp3
Size : 8141.836 Kb
Type : mp3
17B-RCII-4-13-African (Version).mp3 17B-RCII-4-13-African (Version).mp3


Who Killed Peter Tosh by Eric Williams from High Times Jan. 1994

 Also check the Life of Peter Tosh by Roger Steffens for his old radio show on KCRW Santa Monica.